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How it Works

The technology works by overlaying digital data on the real world where the user engages with the content by scanning an image using a mobile application on a Smartphone The process is done in a very simple and user friendly manner, subsequently AR will present users with new ways of thinking, seeing, interacting, engaging and communicating with the world.


Find the objects or images that you want to interact with



Scan the image using your smart device camera



Interactions with the scanned item will generate digital content like watching a related video,calling the manufacturer,
get to win promotional prizes or gifts, share on social media, interact with AR or 3D objects, and much more ...


Digital world

With the rapid progressive development of mobile devices and their continued price reduction, Smartphones in particular, comes the ability to create new experiences that enhance the way we see and interact within the world that surrounds us. As Smartphones improve their functionality and performance, Augmented Reality inches closer and closer to widespread adoption

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